Integration documentation

  1. Open your LightSpeed shop admin environment.

  2. Go to Settings, find Store Settings and, Click Developers to access the API settings area.

  3. Click New API Key to create a new key for Trunkrs.

  4. Name the key appropriately and give us read & write access to: Customers, Orders & Tracking.

  5. Enable the API key and save the changes you've made.

    Lightspeed integratie met Trunkrs

  6. Now that you have created a new API key for your Lightspeed store, we can go ahead and integrate your store. For the next step, you'll need the API key and secret that you've just made.

    API Key lightspeed Trunkrs.png

  7. Set the time and days on which you would like to have Trunkrs available as a shipping method in your store.

  8. Set the prices for the shipment method.

  9. Don’t forget to Enable your shipping method with toggle up top.

  10. Optional: Create a schedule for your Belgian shipments

    API Key lightspeed Trunkrs.png