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Magento 2 plugin integration

Trunkrs Shipping Plugin allows a Magento Webshop to use Trunkrs as one of their Shipping Courier Service Provider. Using this plugin, webshop owners (client) will be able to display the Trunkrs Shipment Service in the Magento Shipping Method options on the customer checkout page. Allowing users/customers to choose the Trunkrs Shipment as their shipping courier.

What is required?

A client can install and use the plugin using API credentials for authentication. The API is protected by static header values in the form of:

  • A client ID provided by the header X -API-ClientID

  • A client secret provided by the header X-API-ClientSecret

The clientId and secret combination identifies a client as an authorised client and gives them access to their client specific records.

To obtain a clientId and secret, please contact Trunkrs at

Technical information

  • Compatible with Magento 2.3.0 CE or later

  • PHP Version 7.1.24 or later

Manual installation

Download here

  1. Download the Trunkrs Magento 2 plugin from the link above

  2. Unzip the extension package

  3. Upload the extension files to your Magento app/code directory

  4. After step 3, you should run the following commands to your command line terminal

sudo php bin/magento module:enable Trunkrs_CustomCourier sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade sudo php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f sudo php bin/magento cache:flush

Working with our Magento 2 Plugin

  1. Go to your admin panel

  2. Navigate to STORES

  3. In STORES, please select CONFIGURATION under the SETTINGS tab


  4. In the CONFIGURATION screen, please select SHIPPING METHODS, this can be found under the SALES tab

  5. Fill in all the details including clientId and clientSecret provided by us.


    6. You will see the Trunkrs Shipping Tab content like the image below

Magento - token

7. Click the colored Trunkrs API Token to copy and hit Save Config.

  1. Testing API Connection

    On success:


On failure:

s5 1

(Part II) — Shipping Portal Integration

The following steps below assume that you have already an account to the Trunkrs Shipping Portal and you have configured the plugin from the plugin configuration page.

Refer to the link below on how to create a shipping portal account

1. Login to Shipping Portal, go to →

2. Hit Plugin Configurations menu

Shipping portal 1 - Magento

3. In the Plugin Configuration Page, under Plugins Tab click +Configure new plugin

Shipping portal 2 - Magento

4. Pick your plugin pop-up option will show then choose Magento by clicking the Magento logo then click Pick button.

Shipping portal 3 - Magento

5. The Magento plugin configuration page will be shown. You can start the integration by filling up the form

Shipping portal 4 - Magento
  • Magento integration token — is the Trunkrs API Token you copied from the Trunkrs Magento 2 plugin

  • Magento webshop URL — is the main domain of your webshop

6. Hit the Save button after you fill-up the form.

7. Start connecting to your Magento webshop using Connect and Disconnect button.

Having problems?

Even though the installation of this plugin should give you close to no problems, we are always happy to help you out if you experience any problems. You can give us a call at 085 060 1410 or send us an e-mail via