Shopify integratie

Shopify installation manual

In the Trunkrs Shipping portal we allow our clients to install a shipping integration without any extra costs. This manual will show you how to get started by installing the integration.

1. Installation into Shopify store

The first step you’ll need to take is installing our integration into your Shopify store.

Please click:

Koppel Shopify met Trunkrs

And then go ahead and click the “Add app“ button to start the installation process.

Start installatie Shopify

2. Configuration of the integration

Once the installation has been completed, you’ll automatically be dropped on the configuration page of the newly created integration.

On this page you can manage the shipping price and when we show the Trunkrs shipping option on your store.

Configureren Shopify

3. Optionally enable Belgium

To enable shipments to Belgium, a new schedule has to be added. Go ahead and click the “Create schedule“ button and select ”Belgium”. This will add a new schedule specifically for Belgian shipments.

4. How to find the integration settings

To find the your integration and shipping setting for the Trunkrs shipping integration, please go ahead and open your Shopify admin panel. Then go to your installed apps by clicking “Apps“ in your left side-bar and selecting the “Trunkrs“ app.

On the Trunkrs app page you now see a page with some identifiers and a small “Manage“ button. Go ahead and click the button to open your integration settings.


Welcome to Trunkrs, you’re now ready to ship your first orders! 🚚