Installing the Trunkrs for WooCommerce plugin

Shipping Portal Trunkrs account

Before we can start using the official Trunkrs for WooCommerce plugin, we need an account for the Shipping Portal. If you don’t have one yet, reach out to your Customer Support Manager or Account Manager. More information about the Shipping portal can be found here.

Installing WooCommerce plugin

Log in to your WordPress environment and navigate to Plugins in the left menu. Clicking on Add New will allow you to add the Trunkrs plugin, search for ‘Trunkrs’ in the search bar, and click Install Now and Activate.

WooCommerce Plugin-2

Set up a connection

Trunkrs should now be visible in the WooCommerce menu. Click on Trunkrs, and a settings page will appear. Click on Connect, and you’ll be redirected to the Shipping Portal. Log in with your email address; your connection with the Trunkrs platform is now all set!


If you go back to the Trunkrs settings page under WooCommerce, you should see something similar to the image below.



In this chapter, every switch on the settings page is explained. 


Suppose your webshop offers subscriptions using the official WooCommerce Subscription plugin. If you want to create a new shipment every time your customer pays their subscription, You should set this to true! 

All orders are for Trunkrs

If your webshop only uses Trunkrs as a shipping method, you can select this switch, and you’re all set to start shipping! Note that if you have a pickup option in the checkout, you shouldn’t choose this option because Trunkrs will also process these orders. 

Order selection filters

This is a bit more complex functionality to adjust the Trunkrs plugin to all your custom shipping options and zones you have set in your Woocommerce settings.

In the following example, we have set up three shipping zones in our WooCommerce settings: Trunkrs Nederland, Belgium, and Pickup. For Trunkrs Nederland and Belgium, we would like to use Trunkrs. We don’t want to use Trunkrs for pick up.


(Shipping zones example)

If you click on a zone name, you can add and edit shipping methods. In the example above, we’ve configured a Shipping zone for Belgium with Belgian postal codes on which Trunkrs delivers. There are two Shipping methods: one for free delivery with a minimum order amount of 55 and one for a flat rate below that amount. (We used this plugin to hide shipping methods when free delivery is available!)

Shipping zone example for Belgium

(Shipping zone example for Belgium)

Free shipping method example for Belgium orders

(Free shipping method example for Belgium orders)

We should set up a few selection rules in our Trunkrs plugin for this case. One rule should filter the shipping methods name. If the shipping methods name contains “Trunkrs, “the order will be sent with Trunkrs. The example below will include all orders for the Netherlands and Belgium because all these Shipping method names include “Trunkrs” in their name, i.e., “Trunkrs“ or “Trunkrs gratis verzending. “ An additional rule is added to filter for orders statuses; only orders that are paid and in the processing status are sent to Trunkrs.

Selection rules example

(Selection rules example)

N.B. If you use the flow with selection rules and custom shipping methods. The functionality of managing the WooCommerce integration in the Shipping Portal, as explained in chapter 5, will not work.

Visual settings

Adjust Trunkrs logo to the theme

If your webshop has a dark theme, you can enable this setting. The Trunkrs logo, which appears on the shopping cart, will have better visibility.

Show expected delivery date in the shopping cart

The customer will see a message stating the delivery date if the order is made before the data cut-off. For example, “Place your order before wo 2nd 10:00 to receive your shipment on wo 2nd!

Place Track & Trace link in the confirmation email

This feature will attach a Track & Trace link in the customer’s confirmation email upon placing an order.

Place Track & Trace link on the settings page

This setting will add a button to the account area of your WooCommerce store. The button will have a link to the Trunkrs Track & Trace page.

Manage the WooCommerce integration

[Information] This part of the extension is only applicable if both Order selection rules and the All shipments are for Trunkrs toggled are not set to on.

Apart from the settings in the plugin, you can also configure shipping schedules in the Shipping Portal. You can set which date and time Trunkrs will be shown as a shipping option in your webshop. Secondly, you can add pricing options depending on the total order value. Note that this doesn’t work if you have implemented the flow explained in 4.3. Below you’ll find an example.

Navigate to Settings and click Integration Management. Here you’ll see your integration(s). Click on Configure to set up your schedules.

Active WooCommerce integration without schedules

For this example, we are going to create two schedules. One for orders in the Netherlands. Orders below €50- with a shipping fee of €6,95 and below €50- with free shipping. For Belgium orders, we will create one with a shipping fee of €6,95.

Woocommerce schedule1
Woocommerce schedule2